Workout Programmes

Just because you’re trapped inside doesn’t mean you’re alone, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean you can’t still be smashing goals and getting a serious sweat on.

We understand the importance of regular training - not just for your physical health, but your mental health too, and that's why we've designed a range of workout programmes to suit all abilities and fitness levels. 


HIIT is fast and furious and is all about making you fitter. You can do these workouts in any order and mix & match as you please.


BUILD mixes faster more explosive movements, with some slower more deliberate and focused movements to increase full-body strength. You can do these workouts in any order and mix & match as you please.


The hybrid programmes (such as SALT 1.0 and other 2 or 4 week programmes) provide a more structured, macro approach to your training. To get the most out of these programmes, these workouts are designed to be completed sequentially.