Amy Costello



Favourite food: Mexican!

Favourite travel destination: Can I say Europe?!

Best adventure: Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef

Favourite way to workout: F45, of course!

Mike Chapman



 Favourite food: BBQ'd anything

Favourite travel destination: Indonesia or Sardinia

Best adventure: Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro

Favourite way to workout: Something fast & furious

Tom Penn



Favourite food: Can't go past a pizza!

Favourite travel destination: Philippines

Best adventure: Running 5 marathons in 5 days carrying supplies & shelter

Favourite way to workout: With friends!

Charlotte Brason



Favourite food: Pasta

Favourite travel destination: Italy

Best adventure: Climbing Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Favourite way to workout: Yoga

Cat Koppel



Favourite food: Wine and cheese served outdoors

Favourite travel destination: Anywhere beautiful 

Best adventure: Antarctica

Favourite way to workout: at Salt Escapes with my camera in my hand (which means I can have many camera breaks!)

James Purvis



 Favourite food: Steak

Favourite travel destination: Australia

Best adventure: Salt Escapes in Sardinia

Favourite way to workout: Team based exercise

"I haven't tried any other fitness retreats but I'm not intending to, sometimes you just know it's the best one out there."

Farah N